The best quality
The best service
Ordered before 5 p.m., shipped the same day
The best quality
The best service
Ordered before 5 p.m., shipped the same day
General information
Do you have a question or complaint, please contact us by email at [email protected] or at +31 (0) 85-773 53 53

We are open on weekdays from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you can not immediately reach us, you will be called back as soon as possible if you leave a message. Emails will be answered as soon as possible and within 24 hours.

Shipping Fee

The shipping fee is 1,99 euro for the Netherlands and 2,50 euro for the rest of Europe.
Delivery time
Orders are shipped daily from Monday-Friday. The delivery time is 2-4 days.  

Size information
Baby: The baby hair clips are 3 to 4 cm long. The cm clips are for the little ones that don't have that much hair yet. 
Girls 2 years and older: The 4.5 or 5 cm clips are best for this age. If you like a smaller hairclips, the 3.5. cm clips are fine to use too.

Our hairbands are suitable for 2 years and older.  

All sizes of our headbands are mentioned under "details" on the product page. This overview shows the average size of the head circumference, so that you know what size headband you need.

Newborn34 cm
3 mnth41 cm
6 mnth43 cm
12 mnth46 cm
2 years48 cm
3-5 years51 cm
6-10 years53 cm
11+56cm plus

Discount codes/ coupon codes
If you have a discount code it can be entered in the "discount code" field in the shopping cart. If you are experiencing any diffculty applyiong the code, please conatct us at [email protected]

Shipping & Returns ships all orders the same day that were placed on weekdays before 2 pm. Shipping to the Netherlands takes 1-2 days. Shipping to the rest of Europe takes 2 - 4 days. 


You may always return products. If you wish to exchange or return, you must notify us within 14 days of receipt. We kindly ask you to use the following procedure:

1. Log into your account and select the order in which you want to return items and click View. 
2. You are now in the overview of the order. Click "Return items" on the lower right button to create the return. 
3. You will see a screen where you can specify which products are returned. This is done by indicating the number in the drop-down menu. Products you want to keep, leave to 0. 
4. The next step is to explain why the products are returned. When Reason and Action you can choose from the return reasons or choose the option "Otherwise ...". You can enter a reason. This is not mandatory, but feedabck is always appreciated.
5. Click on "send". 
6. Make sure the items are sent back in their original condition. You may use the same envelope in which you received your order. Remember in that case to clearly mention the address of Do not forget to add your order number or name and address details to the envelope. 
7. Send the package after notification within 14 days to: 
Your Little Miss
Energiestraat 28
1411 AT Naarden
The Netherlands
8. The amount of your returns including shipping will be refunded within 14 days. (This does not include the postage of your return)

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